Tammy Ealom

I'm a Boy

When I'm a Boy kicks into its set, you may start to wonder exactly what year it is. Not because the music is dated, but because the band's music has the lean, focused quality that characterized early songs by the Who. The group's shows may make you flash back to scenes of Placebo in Velvet Goldmine doing its best T. Rex impression. But what makes I'm a Boy (due at the Larimer Lounge this Sunday, June 8) refreshing instead of a retro-fetishist act is the fact that the group is doing what most neo-classic rock wannabes wish they could do — namely, writing memorable hooks in a pop format while rocking and being ever-so-slightly experimental at the same time. Singer/guitarist Jimmi Nasi was once in alt-rock luminaries the 40th Day, but this project is vastly different. Like most musicians, he remains young at heart, and I'm a Boy is the proof.


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