In Da Club

The Paladium (1400 West 62nd Avenue) takes advantage of its sprawling sub-suburban territory: This white temple to the discotheque gods is surrounded by a vast, patrolled parking lot. The spacious building also houses Oasis, a gentleman's club, whose inviting exterior of classic columns promises topless temptations inside. To skip the strippers and enter the Paladium's sleeker side, you must pass through a metal detector's arch into the huge main room, where starburst clusters shower from the ceiling, the requisite mirrored ball hangs over the dance floor, and lights reflect off the classic statues recessed in faux archways. More modern accompaniments to these Greco-Roman touches are an extensive sound system, concert-level lighting and well-stocked bars, which bookend the space. A Latin-heavy music menu means that much of the weekend crowd, as well as the staff, is Hispanic, but roaming security guards should eliminate any WASP anxiety. Since arriving on the scene just months ago, the club remains a relative vestal virgin, unsullied by the denizens of LoDo and comfortably arranged for drinking, practicing salsa steps or dancing to hip-hop. Some of Denver's best DJs throw down all night on the outside patio, which is unrestricted by pesky noise ordinances. Studying the classics was never easier -- especially during the Paladium's two-for-one drink specials.


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