Innuendo whispers throughout Rrose's surrealist sets

If you caught Rrose at the 2012 Great American Techno Festival, then you've got some idea of what to expect when the artist returns for an intimate, boundary-pushing DJ set this weekend (and have no doubt already bought your tickets). If not, then perhaps the Sandwell District imprint will ring a bell: Rrose was the mastermind behind "Waterfall" on Merchant of Salt, the acclaimed EP that confirmed this enigmatic figure's serious production chops. The playful, funky techno that Rrose weaves together is high-energy and bold, with a whisper of tongue-in-cheek innuendo threading through the sets; appropriately, the name Rrose is a nod to Marcel Duchamp, the surrealist/dadaist artist who first used the pseudonym Rrose Sélavy ("eros, c'est la vie"). A healthy dose of that surrealist vibe should be present when Rrose plays the Would Shop II on Saturday, January 26. Note: There will be no walk-up sales, so purchase tickets in advance at


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