Paige Peterson
Paige Peterson

Introducing Karate, Guns and Tanning: New music from the gals of Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping: A promising, dearly departed Denver outfit led by Paige Peterson and Valerie Green that split up not too terribly long ago -- remember them?

When the band ended, Paige, of course, went on to play in Gangcharger, while Green moved to Indiana, where she's been living in -- get this -- a recording studio.

Fitting environs, as it turns out. Green and Peterson traded tracks back and forth via email all summer long and have emerged with some new songs, the first of which we're now sharing with you. Click through to listen and download "Knifey."

"I think anyone who liked Good Housekeeping will be into this," offers Ethan Ward, Peterson's Gangcharger bandmate, who contributed guitar on the recordings. "It has that same 'hazy, sunny day with something weird going on just below the surface' feel that GH did."

Indeed. But while there's a similar verb-drenched detachment to the vocals, this new material, created under the name Karate, Guns and Tanning, feels a little more contemporary -- well, retro contemporary, that is, more '80s than '60s, let's say.

Take a listen below -- we're pretty sure you'll dig what you hear -- and then stop by the Bluebird this Wednesday when Gangcharger plays with Gauntlet Hair and Tennis and give Peterson props personally.


"Knifey" - Karate, Guns and Tanning


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