Invisible Orange

In the hard-rock world, "invisible orange" is a term used to describe the claw-like hand gestures that trendsetters currently prefer to devil horns, which are now so commonplace they've lost much of their demonic power. That means members of the band called Invisible Orange would like listeners to throw invisible oranges at them -- and their music is strong enough to deserve it.

Singer Donovan Breazeale, bassist Bruce Morgan, drummer Jason Brown and guitarist Adrian Moore are well-schooled in stoner verities. "Sideways," for example, is a virtual compendium of roiling riffs, thudding grooves and passionate wailing, while "Supreme Design" manages the neat trick of seeming up-tempo and deliberate at the same time. As for "Black Rail," the Invisibles pound the body for over eight minutes rather than going for the knockout punch, and wind up winning by decision.

For heavy-music fans who like it long and slow, here's some advice: Take Valium.


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