Is that a hellhound singing praise to Jesus?

We're pretty sure this week's video is evidence that demons are real. It purports to be a man singing a song about Jesus that uses a dog metaphor.

Hey, kids love dogs, right?

Only we're pretty certain that any child exposed to this will cry, run away and/or refuse to go to sleep for days afterward. And then refuse to listen to anything more about this "Jesus" character the dog thing was singing about.

It's scary in the way that clowns are scary. And it's creepy in that grownups-who-think-mugging-at-kids-while-wearing-Satan's-own-facepaint-is-funny, extra-creepy sort of way. Hell, we're grownups and we're getting kind of freaked out just thinking about it...

If parents want to teach their kids the glory of Jesus, they'd be well advised to keep them away from this hellhound. The only thing this will inspire is night terrors. Or, if the kids are old enough to stop being afraid of the dark, just some uneasy least until they turn off the light tonight and see this face when they close their eyes.


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