Israel Vibration

The men of Israel Vibration — Lascelle "Wiss" Bulgin, Albert "Apple Gabriel" Craig, and Cecil "Skelly" Spence — met as kids at Kingston, Jamaica's Mona Rehabilitation Clinic, where they were each being treated for polio. Around 1970, the three formed a group and released their first single, "Why Worry," with funding from Rastafarian religious group the Twelve Tribes. The word spread quickly about the outfit, and the guys went on to share the stage with such icons as Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. About a year after the release of their third full-length, Why You So Craven, the group moved to New York, where they eventually split after struggling to break through in the United States. Five years later, the group re-formed and released a number of albums on the RAS Records imprint. Craig left the band in 1997, and Bulgin and Spence have since kept Israel Vibration alive with the help of Roots Radics.


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