It Dies Today

Once upon a time, sworn fealty to the Cure meant absolute disdain for AC/DC -- and vice versa. Morrissey was Bluto to Axl Rose's Popeye. Back then, It Dies Today wouldn't have had an audience. But today, thanks to labels like Level-Plane and Trustkill, kids in black-framed glasses rub shoulders with kids in black T-shirts at sweaty, cathartic metal-core shows, where shred mixes with shrug, and angst mixes with -- well, more angst. Granted, these aggressive depressives resemble Weezer more than Geezer, but that doesn't make them any less potent. It Dies Today is one of metal-core's most exciting and committed newcomers. With twin allegiances to death metal's throat-clutching power and emo's sing-along suffering, the Buffalo quintet's debut, The Caitiff Choir, is a meaty hunk of soft-loud-scream-sing schizophrenia that should tear the roof off the sucka live.


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