IX oh 7

BJ Serekis, former drummer of the Bedraggled and the Skivies, has finally issued the followup to his 2003 release, The Colors Bleed Through. While that record was a disturbing, claustrophobic portrait of a mind and soul consuming itself, Eat My Brain is about reaching out into the world rather than retreating within. Although Brain was conceived as part of an experimental multimedia performance, the songs stand on their own. The album begins with a Daniel Johnston-worthy piano composition and gets increasingly more adventurous from there. At points, Brain recalls Karl Blau if he had been much more into Skinny Puppy and Savage Republic. IX oh 7 is not an indie-pop project by any stretch of the imagination, but the music the act offers here is a dark, surrealistic cousin to the kind of bleeding-edge electro-pop that employs daring use of analog synths and tape loops.


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