Jack's Smirking Revenge

Recorded from July 2011 to July 2012 on a laptop in basements around the country, Project Arcturus documents a year in Alex Pelissero's life via the expansive voice of his folk-punk alter ego, Jack's Smirking Revenge. Pelissero obsessively wrote and recorded one song for every week of the year. The result is Project Arcturus, the lyrics of which read much like a diary, wavering between humor and tragedy, detailing the events of the artist's often chaotic life. Musically, his style is straightforward punk rock: He attacks the guitar strings like a young, indignant Billy Bragg clashing head-first against the gentler sounds of the Mountain Goats. With songs like "Mountain Dew Destroyed My Ability to Reproduce" and "Working for the KGB Doesn't Pay, but Looks Good on Your Resume," it's obvious that there are plenty of inside jokes within these tracks. Even so, rest assured: The spirit of real rebellion lies at the heart of this record.


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