Since its formation in 1999, the Colorado Art Rock Society has consistently presented some of the most inventive local and national music in the state. The Jama-Sonique debuted in 2004 and featured the best in local prog-rock bands, providing a great creative atmosphere and, for good measure, a man in a gorilla suit introducing the performance of a Genesis song. This year, the event -- which takes place Saturday, June 24, at the Oriental Theater -- offers a bill that includes Colorado's best progressive bands (and reads like the honor roll from Professor Xavier's X-Men mutant academy). The jazz-rock fusion band Zed will perform as its alter ego, Almost Zed, alongside the mighty musical stylings of Pindral and the flowing narratives of experimental rockers Tributary (pictured). The night will also feature a sound and light show that required a permit, if that tells you anything. It's the kind of evening out that will challenge your mind as well as your liver.


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