James Zabiela brings his planetary techno back to Denver

James Zabiela is no stranger to the planetary techno scene, and he's rocked stages in Denver before — but his longevity and consistent relevance to the scene are part of what make him such a draw for party people looking for mind-melting tunes on the dance floor. His first love was breakbeats, but Zabiela quickly realized that one subgenre wasn't going to be enough to sate his tastes, and he's since ventured further into house and tech-house, becoming a household name in the EDM world with his flavor of the latter (lightly seasoned with breakbeat influences). He's widely known for his affection for science-fiction movies and video games, and his sets reflect as much — mechanical, futuristic samples with trippy bleeps and distorted vocals sprinkled throughout for good measure. But Zabiela's no one-trick pony: He launched a new record label, Born Electric, last year, and we'll no doubt be seeing some quality tracks filtered through that lens. Maybe you'll hear a preview or two at his set at Beta on Saturday, March 2.


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