Jamie Foxx

Check out the collabos on Jamie Foxx's new album, Unpredictable: Ludacris, Twista, the Game, Snoop, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and Common. Then there are the tracks produced by Babyface and Timbaland. Homeboy even thanks Oprah in the liner notes. Think Foxx is connected? It makes sense: When you're the man, everyone wants a piece. And whether it's as Wanda on In Living Color or as Ray Charles in Ray, Jamie Foxx is the man. Hell, this album might as well be called Bankable. Foxx proves himself as effortlessly adept at slowly exhaling words like "damn" and "baby" as any R&B crooner out there, ruminating on such universal themes as dancing with models, VIP rooms, Oscars, and sex, sex, sex. But those who find it "unpredictable" that Foxx would put out a solid R&B album haven't been paying attention to his numerous high-profile, Grammy-nominated collaborations. The real question is whether his breakfast cereal will be any good. Ain't saying he a gold digger, but...


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