Jane's Addiction

Surviving intense drug addiction, poor fashion choices, several breakups and a revolving door of celebrity bassists (Flea, Duff McKagan and TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek), Jane's Addiction continues on. Like musical cockroaches, the band is immune to the bug spray of age and a changing music industry. As a link between the thrashing alt-punk of the 1980s and the explosive grunge revolution of the early 1990s, Jane's Addiction captivated a burgeoning music scene with songs like "Jane Says," "Stop!" and "Been Caught Stealing." And though the band ultimately imploded before it could reap the rewards of the money-fame orgy that was the early-'90s alt revolution, it left behind one of the movement's most treasured institutions: Lollapalooza. Returning once again after a series of breakups and reunions, sobriety clinics and reality-TV shows, Jane's Addiction delivered the very strong Great Escape Artist last October. (Visit backbeatblog.com for a full Q&A with Perry Farrell.)


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