At first glance, people may have a hard time distinguishing Vancouver's Japandroids from Brooklyn's Japanther. Both are stripped-down, two-piece, lo-fi garage-rock bands whose members share vocal duties, and both have a certain kinship with the Land of the Rising Sun. Musically, though, Japandroids offer more depth and passion, making them the more dominant island in the two bands' archipelago. Drummer David Prowse sets a strong foundation as guitarist Brian King's buzzy guitar tone fills in the empty spaces a bass would normally occupy, creating a sound that recalls a more upbeat version of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. This tour marks the first since the duo was forced to cancel a series of shows because of a life-threatening perforated ulcer suffered by King earlier this year. To date, the members of Japanther have denied all involvement in the incident.


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