Jason Vigil

Heart Gone Sober, Jason Vigil's last album (released in 2006), was so gosh-darn earnest that anyone who's even mildly cynical probably recoiled like a vampire in the sunlight at the sound of it. Misanthropes should know, then, that Sometimes Always, the subject of a Saturday, September 13, CD-release party at the Soiled Dove Underground co-starring the Trampolines and Zack Nichols, isn't a huge departure from a sincerity standpoint. Musically, however, it's a definite upgrade. "Breaking Over You" and "Sometimes Always" are chiming hook-fests, while "Hard to Be Away" benefits from Justin Miller's sturdy pianistics — and if "Because of You" is still goopier than necessary, at least its pace picks up after a minute or so. Sentimentality is a lot easier to take when it's accompanied by guitar solos.


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