Jeff Tweedy

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy is an interesting performer in part because he regularly wars with doubts his loyalists can't see. As reported by the Portland State University Vanguard, during a stop on Tweedy's current acoustic tour with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche, several audience members insisted on talking during his set, and even though Tweedy eventually went off on them, asking, "Can you shut up for once in your fucking life?," his initial instinct was to blame himself. "What can I do to be of better service to you?" he wanted to know. "Am I not playing the right songs? Am I not pouring my heart out up here for you?" In pretty much every documented case, Tweedy fulfills these duties. Granted, he can't always live up to the expectations heaped upon him by reviewers and fans who think he's a genius. But it's not for a lack of trying.


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