Jeffree Star

Jeffrey Steininger, aka Jeffree Star, who's touring with Brokencyde, Teen Hearts and Ultraviolet Sound, wouldn't have done well during the early '90s, when performers were looked down upon if they seemed too hungry for spotlight time. The self-described "Queen of the Internet" has spent the past several years promoting himself via online snapshots, not to mention media events like this past year's Warped Tour. It's appropriate, then, that he's currently focusing on music. The tracks he's released to date have been synth-heavy and Euro-trashy, with lyrics that portray him as an oversexed boy junkie: In "Eyelash Curlers, Butcher Knives," he declares, "I don't know their names and I don't really care." Even more telling is "Starstruck," in which he borrows the hook from Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" — but whereas Rockwell was made paranoid by the attention, Star lusts after it with undisguised desperation. Give him a whirl, Fame, because he's not playing hard to get.


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