Jellyfish Tuesday

If an early-'70s Laurel Canyon band were to get caught up in progressive jazz and some kind of gypsy music and then go on a decade-long tour playing experimental venues, Jellyfish Tuesday might be the result: a chilled-out version of a cabaret carnival, as Renaldo Migaldi once described Chicago's Maestro Subgum and the Whole. Think Heart, if that band had taken the duskier moments of Dreamboat Annie and translated them through the smoky lens of the underground hangouts that late-period Led Zeppelin seemed to be haunting. Songs such as "Supersoaker's Lament" and "Been Reading the Gospels," meanwhile, have more of a British-folk-scene aftertaste. At a time when many acts are trying to reclaim '70s hard-rock glory, Jellyfish Tuesday seems entirely focused on mining the decade's mellower, weirder side.


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