Jen Korte

When Jen Korte took a required choir course for her theater degree, she was put with ten other tone-deaf pariahs in remedial choir, where she spent a semester learning quarter notes, half notes and scales. And when it came time to audition again, she still didn't make it into the larger chorus -- which is dumbfounding, considering that the first thing you notice about her is her rich, sonorous voice. Though previously a solo performer, Korte (due at the hi-dive this Thursday, March 2) has teamed with erstwhile Booty and the Ho Fish drummer Morgan Coley; the duo's first show together last month at the Walnut Room was quite a bit bluesier than Korte's solo gigs, which often prompted (innaccurate) comparisons to the ever-poignant Ani DiFranco. Korte's sometimes-acoustic Manichaean sound moves effortlessly from sweet and unassuming to raw and tenebrous, and is quickly setting her apart. Looks like she finally found her voice.


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