Jerry Garcia Band

Way back in 1973, Rolling Stone ran a cover story declaring that the Grateful Dead had become "corporate." Indeed, over the years, the Dead and its extended family became a massive financial juggernaut -- even if the members of the group essentially remained filthy hippies. And suffice it to say the corporation's still going strong. Although its been more than a decade since Jerry Garcia died, the members of his former solo band are still touring as the Jerry Garcia Band, under the premise that they are keeping the flame of Garcia's legend alive for future generations while performing a bevy of songs from his massive lifetime output. This, of course, has sent ripples of division throughout the legions of Deadheads who still follow every decision the band and its surviving associates make with great interest. Love it or hate it, the Jerry Garcia Band is touring the country, and so far, no one has called any lawyers in to intervene -- proving that the Grateful Dead's community spirit still prevails.


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