Joe Sampson

If Bad Weather California's Sunkissed is the summer jam of 2012, then bassist Joe Sampson's solo debut, Kill Our Friends, will be the model soundtrack for this fall, when your summer fling ends and you stay in while all your friends have fun without you. Not that you should wait for September to hear it: Combining the emotional weight of acoustic breakup albums like Beck's Sea Change or Ryan Adams's Heartbreaker with an aw-fuck-it humor in "Moon on the Rise" ("One thing I want to do/Is spend my days on glue") and the title track ("One more night that just didn't turn out right/Kill our friends tonight/Bury 'em out of sight"), Kill Our Friends delivers lasting material. Despite the equally autumnal, Nick Drake-y title of "Moon Up Above," that song's rise in tempo and mariachi horns and strings are a welcome anti-depressant on an album that will make you feel old and sad in a very beautiful way.


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