John Digweed

John Digweed has been living the dream for decades; at age eleven, all he wanted in life was to be a DJ. Suffice it to say, he reached his goal — and then some. Alongside famed collaborator Sasha, Digweed was a resident at Twilo in New York City; he appeared in Groove as himself, playing a set at a massive San Francisco party; and he's been voted the number-one DJ in DJ Mag, among other accolades. Throughout his decades-spanning career, Digweed has made sure the music always comes first. "What excites me is new music," he says. "I'm always about throwing forward, not backward." It's been a while since he's spun a set at Beta, so rest assured that lovers of progressive trance — and lovers of electronic music, period — will be out in force to hear his tunes piped over the club's superb sound system. (For a full Q&A with John Digweed, go to


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