John Nathan

John Cacianti, otherwise known as John Nathan, sounds like a lonely soul. And not just because his album is titled Party of One, but because almost every song on it traffics in the kind of sad-sack, introspective Americana that George Jones popularized decades ago. Nathan, of course, is no Jones; his voice may be twangier than a rubber band, but his lyrics fall too easily into a rut of classic-country cliches: burning candles, beer-chased tears, ugly ex-girlfriends. To his credit, though, his playing and arrangements display a deep immersion in country's roots and offshoots, with pop, rock, folk and Latin influences creeping into Party's tightly written, tastefully executed tunes. Likewise, his pervasive aura of loneliness winds its way through bouts of upbeat comedy as well as abysmal gloom. And although his name isn't too well known in Denver yet, with an injection of raw guts and perhaps a tad more originality, it's possible that Nathan might not be lonely much longer.


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