Yeah, yeah, so she's fourteen years old and has a set of pipes. What else is new? Unfortunately, nothing much. JoJo's self-titled debut is yet another run-of-the-mill pop album that any would-be alum of American Idol -- or in JoJo's case, America's Most Talented Kid -- would record in order to keep a steady ride on the fifteen-minutes-of-fame beltway. While there's a cast of talented producers and writers involved, none of them really contributes anything to make JoJo stand out from her peers. Songs like "Baby It's You," "Never Say Goodbye" and "Homeboy" are full of the standard cliches found in all the other cookie-cutter teenybopper songs. The production is unimaginative and uninspired, rendering the album formulaic, at best. Although JoJo is talented, it might be best to skip this one. Until she picks her own music, writes her own lyrics and matures a little, there's not much to see here.


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