Jónsi is one odd bird.


With Sigur Rós taking a break while some of its members start families, frontman Jón Thor "Jónsi" Birgisson decided to use the downtime to release an up album. Aptly titled Go, the disc is a delicate, earthy, orchestral marriage of spring-like warmth and Birgisson's fluttering voice; as such, it's a bracing antidote to Sigur Rós's weighty yet celestial massiveness. On stage, Birgisson has a challenge: It won't be easy to translate Go's heavily arranged, intricately stratified sound to a live setting, but if there's one thing Jónsi has proved over the years with Sigur Rós, it's that he's more than capable of squeezing an entire cosmos of emotion and sonic majesty into the confines of a performance hall — not to mention the heads and hearts of his listeners.


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