Josephine & the Mousepeople at the Larimer Lounge

Many people have wedded electronic music with indie pop and emotionally raw yet melodic vocals, but few do it with as much engaging sincerity as Josephine & the Mousepeople (due at the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, January 17). Avi Sherbill is as unlikely a frontman as you'll find, but his vocal delivery comes from the core of his being, and the emotional undercurrent of the band's recorded output is manifested powerfully in the live setting, thanks to Sherbill's unguarded performances. His co-conspirator, multi-instrumentalist Danny Shyman, provides much of the grounding for the music with precise yet playfully freewheeling instrumentation. Initially, the sound might remind you of Bright Eyes or the Postal Service, but the rich sonic textures and clever songwriting are as unique and wonderfully eccentric as images suggested by the duo's fairy-tale moniker.

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