Josh Quinlan Quartet

On Josh Quinlan's 2011 release, Mountain Time Standards, the saxophonist proved that he's not only a skillful player, but a gifted composer, as well. And there's a whole lot more where that came from on his latest effort, Open Space. Quinlan and pianist Ben Markley have no trouble traversing the somewhat tricky changes on up-tempo cuts like "Folklore" and "Oye," while drummer Ed Breazeale and bassist Matt Smiley help stoke the fire. Quinlan seems equally at home on tenor and alto saxophones on this nine-song disc, which is mostly made up of originals, save for an absorbing, jazzed-up take on Tchaikovsky's "Arabian Dance." In addition, he demonstrates that he's as deft on ballads, such as "CEQ" and "GosPaul," as he is on mid-tempo numbers, like "Waltz for Heinrich."


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