Joshua Trinidad

With more than two decades of playing trumpet under his belt, Joshua Trinidad knows his way around jazz, and he's a hell of an improviser. On BUCK, a soundtrack he wrote to accompany ten photos captured by New York-based photographer Chris Buck, he explores some different ground. While Trinidad is no stranger to electronic music, as evidenced by last year's EP, Weighing in on Pole Vaulting, and he's been known to sometimes run his trumpet through effect pedals, à la Cuong Vu, the horn isn't necessarily the main focus here. On "Robert Kennedy Jr.," delay-laden keyboards swirl around while Trinidad's trumpet acts as a textural ingredient drifting in and out in the background, and on "Harry Dean Stanton," he favors more of a brooding, Spanish-tinged approach. This somewhat ambient and introspective release shows just how versatile of a musician Trinidad is.


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