Julie Geller

Julie Geller bills her latest release, You're With Me, as "a unique blend of folk and Jewish music" -- but unless you count one song that kind of sounds like a Yiddish version of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and a couple of pop numbers in Hebrew, it doesn't really fit. Sure, there's some folk influence there. "Let It Be Love" sports a signature James Taylor riff and arrangement, while the title track takes some classic folk guitar and pairs it with pan flute for a tune that could provide the soundtrack to a tender moment in the next Robin Hood adaptation. Mostly, though, it's lite rock, which is pleasant enough. Geller is conservatory-trained, and it shows: The production and musicianship are flawless. But you know where else you can find flawless production and musicianship? Muzak.


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