Julius Papp fills up Full Flavor Fridays at Bar Standard on Friday, June 1

You can call what Julius Papp produces and spins "house" — and it is, beyond the shadow of a doubt — but the sweeping, funky melodies and soulful beats have roots and branches in genres from disco to hip-hop. Papp started collecting vinyl in the 1970s and began playing with turntables in 1985, so he's been around since the origin of electronica, and he's devoted his career to creating positive, uplifting tracks and sets that incorporate sounds from Latin, African, disco and jazz, blending them all into a tribal salad that's undeniably dance-floor-friendly. Atop this wild concoction, Papp lays vocals with a message, either spoken in free-form flow by an MC or crooned by a deep-voiced diva. The Montreal native will headline Bar Standard for Full Flavor Fridays on Friday, June 1, with Greg Campbell and Steve Synfull.


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