Justin Martin takes over City Hall on Friday, July 27

Justin Martin really only started taking his DJ career seriously in 2009, when he decided it would be nice to just play music for a living. He'd already been a serious contender among up-and-coming mixers and producers, but now he was laying it all on the line. You might remember Martin's "The Sad Piano" track on Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly label back in 2003; that was his big break. He'd been meaning to make an album since "The Sad Piano" gained the attention of such A-list names as Pete Tong, but it was only when he decided to buckle down a couple of years back that he was able to maintain the focus and drive needed to complete the project. The result is the recently released Ghettoes and Gardens, which is pure electro-driven nastiness, and he's touring with fellow Dirtybird Claude von Stroke in support of it. Who knows what Martin will throw down at his gig on Friday, July 27, at City Hall? He cut his teeth on drum-and-bass before embracing house, so his style is all over the block — but we can tell you one thing: This is going to be one raging-ass party.


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