Kanye West on Twitter: His ten most amusing tweets so far

10. People get a lot of leeway on Twitter as far as spelling is concerned because you just need to get the words out quickly -- don't sweat it, Kanye.
09. Check that, it's over 200,000 followers now. Following: 0. C'mon, man!
08. Apparently Kanye West had no idea he was a huge hit -- but who the hell is this "we" he's talking about here? The royal we?
07. Prior to this tweet was one about getting a picture of a small-ass jet. We'll admit this is pretty funny.

06. Wait -- did Kanye's Twitter account get hacked by some sort of mutant-motivational-speaker bot? What the hell?


05. This one comes right after "Classical music is the shit yo." No one anywhere in the universe has ever expected the sentence: "Leonard Bernstein is the shit!!!" to ever be on the internet.
04. We've been staring at this one for hours and cannot understand what the hell it means. What does it mean, Kanye?!
03. This is sandwiched between some other hot tips like, "CASH IS KING" and "but keep good credit." We're guessing Kanye suddenly noticed Twitter is used by a bunch of weird-SEO-bankers -- either that or his agent's name is Banks.
02. He also needs a pack of pixies and dragons to go along with it.
01. You heard it here first folks -- Kanye might be richer than God, but he still thinks suits is an expensive addiction.

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