Karl Ridgeway

Karl Ridgeway is a software developer from Boulder studying computer science at the University of Colorado. At least that's what's on his resumé, and it's probably what his parents tell folks when they ask, "So what's Karl doing these days?" Ridgeway may well be a charter member of the Geek Squad, but judging from Signals, his five-song instrumental-metal EP, he's also a very competent musician. In addition to writing, recording and engineering the album, Ridgeway played all of the instruments. And while that's impressive in itself, it wouldn't really mean bubkes if the songs weren't actually worth listening to. But with shades of Euro-metal and prog, rest assured they most certainly are. Unless we're getting mixed, uh, signals, this whole thing looks to be more of a hobby for Ridgeway at this point, as he currently has zero web presence apart from Bandcamp.


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