Ryan Raddon, who goes by Kaskade, may be the least likely superstar DJ in dance music: a teetotaling Mormon who still attends church on a regular basis. Yet the particulars of his lifestyle haven't prevented nightlifers from embracing his music, which juxtaposes vigorous beats with a soulful, extremely listenable vibe. Last year's In the Moment, released by OM Records (where Raddon got his start as an intern before graduating to artist status), continues to spawn smashes: His "Big Room Mix" of "Everything," sung by Utah-based vocalist Joslyn, sat atop the May 14 Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart ahead of Mariah Carey, the Killers, the Scissor Sisters and Daft Punk, among others. As his music has developed, Raddon's gone beyond samples to create his own songs, and he frequently realizes them with the assistance of living, breathing instrumentalists. Nevertheless, he continues to spin club sets around the globe, and thus far hasn't surrendered to the hedonistic atmosphere of the world he inhabits. As the happily married father of a toddler, he's personally at odds with much of dance culture, but his music is a perfect fit.


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