K.atou brings her stripped-down techno to NORAD on September 8

K.atou is one of the hometown heroes of Athens, Greece. Not long after she was honing her needles as a teenager at Bossa Nostra, one of the city's biggest clubs, she was going to college in the United Kingdom, where she managed to expand her musical education while still keeping her fan base in Greece fed with appearances. Eventually, the only town big enough to hold K.atou comfortably was Berlin, so that's where she resides these days, jetting off to perform all over the globe. She might start a set with mechanical, stripped-down techno and wrap it up immersed in deep, soulful house, but in between, an underlying minimalist foundation remains beneath each track, tying them all together in a seamless whole. The result is twitchy, dynamic, upbeat music that makes it utterly impossible for toes, heads and other body parts to stay motionless. K.atou will make her Denver debut along with nu-disco-house heavyweight Slow Hands at an all-night after-hours event on Saturday, September 8. Visit facebook.com/events/256019937835040 to get in the loop.


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