Like, oh, my God! This disc is totally '80s! And not the '80s being resurrected by the Killers and Franz Ferdinand! No, these are the perky, thrift-store-chic '80s that smug comics ridicule on VH1 several times a day! But instead of satirizing this stuff, Kelli*Said plays it pretty damn straight! Seriously!

Singer Kelli Wolf and cohorts are clearly committed to their quizzical vision: The band's September 24 CD-release party at Herman's Hideaway, which will also feature Rubber Planet and the Trampolines, is being filmed for DVD release. Unfortunately, the decision to simply ape dated sounds instead of giving them a modern tweak leaves little creative breathing room. The title cut and "Then Came You" aren't terrible, but neither are they fresh. Guess that'd defeat the purpose.

Yes, girls still wanna have fun. Too bad Let's Get This On! provides an imitation of it rather than the real thing.


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