Kid Mask

Was this album recorded in a hidden corridor beneath a subway somewhere? Probably not, but that's the vibe on these songs. Like excerpts from a bootleg of a private crime-jazz/noise show for Mustapha Mond, "Alucard of Seven Suns" sounds like it very well could have come about from a secret jam session between Arto Lindsay, This Heat and Cabaret Voltaire — or some other mutant-dub, freak-show-lounge chillout that should have happened but didn't. Think futuristic music as envisioned by John Boorman, something Takashi Miike should listen to when he makes his adaptation of House of Leaves. While not abrasive and unconventionally ambient at times, this music does get under your skin. Yet "Totally Ghoul Skool Pindleskin," the closing track, reveals an unexpected underlying sense of humor.


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