Kid Vegas

Kid Vegas has generated a great buzz locally, but his latest effort doesn't match it. The release lacks cohesiveness, and the production and lyrics seem scattered, with overused weed references, particularly on songs like "KeishaMolliMary," which is difficult to digest: Besides the fact that the content is so predictable, when you can get past the song's irrelevant intro, the track just doesn't mesh well. The best tune here is the last one, "D Remix," which is enlivened by a bass-heavy beat, making it both catchy and listenable. "On My Shit" is another listenable cut. Kid Vegas is a rising talent and worth keeping an eye on, but this project simply doesn't live up to the standards and expectations set by his previous material. Even the Pries-assisted "Smoke (Kush)" disappoints, ultimately leaving you wanting more from the pair. Vegas has charisma and an inviting delivery that can — and probably will — propel him forward, but this is definitely not his best material.


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