King for a Day

Although King for a Day (due at the Exchange Tavern on Saturday, September 9) sounds like it could come from Manchester, England, the three-piece actually hails from the unlikely environs of Broomfield, Colorado. Sharing a similar propulsive, upbeat melodicism with the kind that propelled acts like Oasis, Suede and the Smiths to fame in the '80s and '90s, King's neatly groomed pop is built upon layers and layers of acoustic and electric guitar that give the outfit a disarming depth. Vacilating between bittersweet delicacy and highly charged rock, at times the group resembles a long-lost American cousin of the Kinks with an affinity for go-go beats instead of straightahead bluesy rhythms. Clearly, King for a Day is inspired by bygone Brit pop. Nonetheless, the members have managed to find their own voice outside of its conventions. -- Tom Murphy


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