King for a Day

A few songs into King for a Day's latest effort, The Light Is On and Shining Brightly for the Masses, the band launches into "Down All the Days" with a propulsive beat and a bass line that recalls "Question of Temperature," a tune originally done by the late-'60s garage-rock outfit the Balloon Farm and later covered by the Stiv Bators-fronted '80s alt-rock group Lords of the New Church. Judging from The Light Is On and previous efforts, King for a Day seems to have an affinity for both eras, mixing the two and creating something that still sounds somewhat modern while keeping its feet firmly planted in the music of the past twenty years or so -- or even farther back (see their cover of the Beatles' "Taxman"). King for a Day leans a bit more toward influences across the pond, which seems fitting, as frontman Simon Levene purportedly hails from Manchester, England.


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