Look out, neo-wavers, there's a new K in town. Put aside that Killers album, shelve the Kasabian CD and prepare to embrace Koufax. The Midwestern quintet has continued to evolve since its 1999 debut, and its third full-length, Hard Times Are in Fashion, stands firmly at the crossroads of neo-wave and new rock. In fact, for those who were despondent after the Strokes' sophomore release, Koufax offers salvation. Driven by Robert Suchan's versatile vocals and Jared Rosenberg's insistent keys, Koufax's throwback sound is fleshed out by the jerky guitars of Ben Force and the band's new rhythm section of brothers Robert and Ryan Pope, known for their work with the Get Up Kids and the New Amsterdams. Koufax distinguishes itself from other novelty nostalgia-philes with sharp musicianship, tenacious hooks and expert songwriting. Their ties might be skinny, but their sound is fat.


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