In August 1883, Krakatau, south of Java, violently erupted, producing a cataclysmic sound -- the loudest ever recorded by humans. Earlier this year, Shannon Saling, bass player and vocalist for punk-rock provocateurs the Swindlers, formed Krakatau with Bailey Cecil of Core of the Earth and former members of Black Lamb. Naturally -- consider the principals -- the group's sound is stamped with the finest stoner-rock pedigree. Evoking the spirit of the band's force-of-nature namesake, Krakatau's music thrums and kicks up fire. Although it may seem like yet another neo-hesh outfit, with swingingly dynamic songs like "Down the Road" and driving rockers such as "State of Grace," Krakatau proves to be a breed apart. Saling's tough yet melodic vocals perfectly complement the instrumentation, which opts for a more uplifting and joyful tone rather than the sludgy trudging usually associated with much of the newer heavy music. True rock-and-roll bands like this are a rarity, mostly because they're too good and too fun to be parodied or discounted. Catch Krakatau with the equally supercharged Munimula at 3 Kings Tavern on Thursday, September 28.


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