Formed in 1982, Kreator quickly became one of the pioneers of thrash in Germany alongside Sodom and Destruction. The band's breakneck pace, precision and distorted vocals proved important to the development of death metal, a sound Kreator pursued in the '90s. Mille Petrozza mastered the art of the rapid melodic break amid blindingly swift and savage guitar riffing early on in the band's career. When Kreator returned to its thrash roots around the turn of the century, this signature sound found its rightful place in the music again. Featured as an influential band in the Get Thrashed documentary, Kreator ­— like thrash in general — has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. The group's latest record, 2012's Phantom Antichrist, is more melodic than some fans might like, but the live band has aged well.


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