Kris Wadsworth spins January 20 at 2200

Kris Wadsworth was inspired to create tunes after listening to mixtapes his siblings brought home from nightclubs. The DJ, who was born in Atlanta but is now considered part of the Detroit electronic-music scene, started producing and mixing tracks at the tender age of fourteen; two years later, he was spinning Detroit warehouse parties. Since then, he's produced house and techno tracks for labels including Pokerflat, Get Physical and NRK. His sound is driving and a little bit dark, which provides a delectable counterpoint to the sweet, over-the-top trance so prevalent on dance floors these days. Best of all, Wadsworth is a vinyl junkie, which makes him a perfect choice for the Playground's vinyl-only night at 2200 on Friday, January 20. The night marks Wadsworth's first-ever Denver appearance and serves as a warm-up act for his upcoming European tour.


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