Just when you're really getting into an act, it often seems to go the way of the dodo. A little more than a month after it was profiled in these pages, Kronow, a band that had gathered serious momentum in recent years and looked on the verge of breaking through, announced that it was giving up the ghost. Early last month, James Brennan and company informed fans of the breakup via e-mail, offering up one of those time-honored explanations about having "grown and changed musically" and feeling like it was "time to move on." The news was as sudden and unexpected as a lightning strike on a clear, sunny day. Back in April, there seemed to be plenty of life left in the quintet; now, after releasing three albums over six years, Kronow is ready to get toe-tagged. Fortunately, there's often an upside to these things -- and that's the new bands sprouting up. Brennan says that he and Nathan Salas have formed a new project with Mark Grabowski and Sean Beeson from Corruption, while Forest has landed in a group called Kontraku. Stop by the Ogden Theatre this Saturday, July 29, to pay your final respects to what was once one of Denver's most promising metal bands, when the last vestiges of Kronow are joined by Rogue, Kilbox and Brainpan.


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