La Roux

The Flock of Seagulls hair, the David Bowie androgyny, the Depeche Mode synths — you've heard (and seen) it all before. But there's still something compelling and genuine about the flashy and fashionable throwback electro-pop of La Roux. Where highly sexualized fetish imagery is central to the music of modern dance acts like Lady Gaga, La Roux frontwoman Eleanor Jackson — who, yeah, looks kind of like Aladdin Sane — still comes off more sincere. Despite the getup, the focus is firmly on the tunes. And that attitude comes through on stage; the show is no glitzy glam parade. Jackson's small touring band is pretty much confined behind keyboards, and the Redhead herself performs with a marked lack of affectation, moving around some, but mostly just showcasing her considerable vocal chops. Still, she's got stage magnetism to spare, and she'll almost certainly be wearing a really cool outfit.


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