Lamb of God

Lamb of God began as an instrumental band called Burn the Priest in 1990, when its founding members were in college in Richmond, Virginia. In the mid-'90s, after releasing a series of demos, Burn the Priest recruited singer Randy Blythe, changing the band's name in time for its first full-length album, New American Gospel, in 2000. From then on, Lamb of God became one of the most popular metal bands in the scene. Blythe and company embraced their collective interests in hardcore, death metal and thrash, cultivating a sound that doesn't fit neatly into one genre. While touring in support of their latest record, 2012's Resolution, they were briefly sidelined by the incarceration of Blythe, who faces charges stemming from an unfortunate incident in the Czech Republic involving the death of a fan. Although the case is still pending, Blythe was released on bail this past summer, and Lamb of God is back on the road.


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