Last Night: Black Francis at the Walnut Room

Last Night: Black Francis at the Walnut Room
Jon Solomon

Francis said he wrote "Lolita" for Brood's daughter Lola and also said the next song, "Angels Come to Comfort You," was what happens just before what takes place in "Lolita." In "Angels Come to Comfort You," Francis said it's Brood walking through the lobby of the Amsterdam Hilton to the elevator.

While most of the thirty or so songs Francis played during his two-hour set were pulled from solo albums, he dug into the Pixies catalogue and did some great takes on "Cactus," "Holiday Song," "Nimrod's Son," "Velouria" and "Where is My Mind," which he started to do earlier in the set, but instead went back to the full version "Two Reelers," which he said was about the Three Stooges, and saved "Where is My Mind" until near the end of the show.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Francis delivered a hell of fine show, playing thirty songs in a little over two hours.
Random Detail: Francis drank champagne between songs. 

By the Way: If you didn't get a chance to see Francis last night, another show was just added tonight at the Walnut Room.

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