Last night: The Dead Weather at the Ogden Theatre

Last night: The Dead Weather at the Ogden Theatre
Jon Solomon

The Dead Weather, Tyvek

The Ogden
August 17, 2009
Better Than: Porn

What's your Jack White flavor? Are you a vanilla fan, a consumer of the pale white God of garage rock, or would you prefer vintage chocolate Jack, shy and drinking moonshine? Or perhaps you're interested in our newest edition, Jack the British sex icon?

White, like his hero Dylan, is whatever you want, completely open in his own totally ambiguous way. He'll tell you his soul is bared in the music, every time, and the soul is plainly there, but that doesn't mean you can actually learn anything about him by listening. He said some emotional shit about "I Cut Like a Buffalo," how honest, how personal that song is, but who the fuck knows what it's like to cut like a buffalo. I'm sure he's sincere, but it's the sort of sincerity that feels like it could apply to any honest soul. He's Not There any more than Dylan is.

Last night: The Dead Weather at the Ogden Theatre
Jon Solomon

The Dead Weather sold out the Ogden, a venue that starts to feel a whole lot like a death trap when it gets this packed. I was up close among the true believers, and they were clearly having a wet dream of an evening. But when I glanced up at the balcony, I saw a lot of nonplussed faces. Maybe these guys aren't quite as awesome at high angles or maybe getting bored is just what those people get for sitting down at a rock and roll show.

The Dead Weather have their moments of dirty magic (I could listen to Fertita rip distorted holes through melodies all day long), but no matter how much I like the little things, the whole deal comes across a little bit too much like an act.

Oh, and Tyvek played some music as well. The band's from Detroit, and it's sort of like the Stooges without the Power, which, as music fans out there know, just leaves the Raw.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I want to just love this band. I really do. I love the idea Jack White exploring his badass side. Still, I, um, don't love this band.
Random Detail: You know how White was so aggressive about not being the front man of the Raconteurs? He's not really fighting it here, openly sharing the lead with Mosshart. It makes the whole thing easier to take seriously.
By The Way: Spot that T-shirt! I saw The Cramps, Ani Difranco, the Ramones, Soundgarden, Merge Records, a vintage Nuggets and way to many of the Dead Weather.

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